Start of my own ME3 ending

I hate the fact that your squad mates are suddenly forgotten in the end especially your love interest, if you like or dislike can you please provide feedback

Shepard woke up and tried to get up, every part of her body both inside and out hurt just by moving fractionally.

Three husks ran out of cover waving their arms wildly in a hunchback position shouting their unintelligible war cries. Shepard clawed for the pistol at her belt but the pain was too great to even try and move, she slumped in submission.

In an instant a singularity appeared between the trio of husks lifting their mindless bodies high in to the sky as they begun orbiting the biotic phenomenon.

One by one a mass accelerator round struck the husks ending their slavery to the reapers

From behind a rock jumped a Marauder holding its weapon in firing position ready to kill the prone human.  

The Marauder suddenly began flailing about like its entire body was on fire. Along its metal and organic body fissures of fire opened up and its multiple eyes glowed a bright orange
SHIT thought Shepard laying on the floor. NOT HIM, NOT NOW
WE ARE HARBINGER resounded a eerie voice that came from all around
The puppet to Harbingers control held back its hand and with newly gained biotic powers fired a ball of pure orange and brown biotic power right at Shepard
Liara ran into view, knelt to the floor in front of Shepard and held up her head and left arm defiantly at the avatar of Harbinger creating a barrier dome around  Shepard and her.
The biotic ball impacted with the barrier erupting, Liara strained under the attack but held strong.
The avatars arm burst into destroyed pieces of shrapnel and organic matter as another sniper round flew into view from some hidden vantage point.
The avatar looked at Shepard 
With that Harbinger let go control of its slave, the mindless construct disintegrated into ash.
”Come on Shepard i’m not loosing you a second time” called the only Turian voice Shepard recognised, a Turian that was more than just a friend.
Liara let the barrier die as Garrus entered and administered Medi-gel to the most wounded places along Shepard broken body. Garrus winced as he saw the lack of arm on Shepards left side
”Come on Shepard, no one is left behind, this is what you were born for” Garrus tenderly pulled Shepard up from the ground and placed a M5 Predator pistol into her remaining hand while helping her walk toward the teleport, one baby step at a time.
Liara stood reloading her own weapon, Human and Asari looked at each other and nodded.
All three looked into the light and entered